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The companies that make up the TyRex Technology Family combine to provide clients with custom technology solutions throughout the entire product life cycle.

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TyRex Unveils AM-Based AI Tool, Cosmic Inquiry AND Five (5) Voyager Programs Exploring the AM Universe For Unique Manufacturing and 3D Printed Product Ideas

There’s no question about the popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It seems like no matter where you turn, AI is the hot topic of discussion. Industries like Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing (3DP) are no exceptions to this phenomenon. As a 30-year innovative manufacturer dedicate [...] Read more
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TyRex Celebrates STEM Innovation with 3D Printed Trophies

For 30 years, community involvement has been an integral part of who we are at TyRex. We are active in getting to know our fellow Austin community members and are charitable in the ways we support many amazing groups that make a positive impact within the Austin community and beyond. In our experien [...] Read more
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Get to Know: Tom Gram

We recently added Tom Gram to the team. We sat down with Tom to get to know him better. Tom, welcome to the TyRex Technology Family. Tom, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you come from and where have you worked previously? I got my BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern Universit [...] Read more

TyRex’s 2023 in Numbers

With 2023 nearly in the rearview, we thought we would look back on the areas where the TyRex Family of companies has grown the most. Some of that growth has been in exciting new areas of exploration, while others are continuations of our legacy programs we hold most dear. TyRex is entering its 30th [...] Read more

What We Learned Hosting 27 Summer Interns at TyRex

Posted by Joel Coffman, VP Marketing at TyRex Group Although we at TyRex approached our summer “internship season” with a plan and a healthy dose of optimism, none of us could have predicted that by mid-August we’d have so many positive outcomes to look back on. Over the course of 12 summer w [...] Read more